Freelander - Body Problems

Body Problems

Front Seat Noise - Lack of Slide Lubrication

High Rear Seat Squab Release and Shut Loads - Striker Setting

Bonnet squeak on opening - Hinge to Plenum contact

Wind noise at speed - Bumper gaps

Polish - Difficult removal from plastic mouldings

Rear Seat Armrest squeak on use - Fixings

Water dripping onto Centre Console - Roof Aerial

Water ingress into Rear Footwell - Rear Passenger Door

Water ingress into Luggage Compartment - Taildoor various

Rear Seat Squab inoperative - Release Cable trapped

Front Seat Squab squeak/rattle - Lumbar Cable

Water Ingress - Rear of Headlining

Water Ingress into Luggage Compartment - Taildoor Seal

Transit Protection Film Removal

Noisy Operation of Door Glass

Sunroof Wind Deflector Adrift

Front Grille Badge Adrift

Taildoor difficult to open - Check arm

Knock from Front Doors - Door Skin separation

Involuntary Operation of Taildoor Glass - Micro Switch

Underfloor Heatshield adrift - Fixings

Taildoor Glass will not raise or lower - Regulator failure

Taildoor Glass shattered

Involuntary opening of Rear Quarter Vent

Failure of Softback frame hinge

Softback seams splitting in E post area

Involuntary operation of taildoor glass - Central Control Unit (CCU)

Seal - Plenum cover to Windscreen - adrift from Plenum cover

Taildoor Latch failure

Rear Console Lid catch broken

Water ingress into rear of vehicle - Taildoor seal split

Corrosion around the Taildoor upper corners

Whistling Noise at Speeds Above 50 MPH (80 KM/H) From The Door Mirror Area

Tail Door Glass Opens Automatically Immediately After Closing

Customers Have Difficulty Operating The Softback, And May Even Damage The Hood





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