Freelander - Misting Of Interior Windows

Bulletin Number - 0005

Issue - 1

Date - 08.04.1998

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All 5 door derivatives prior to VIN WA 605040

Re-Issue Information

Problem -


The customer complains that the interior windows, particularly the sixth lights, repeatedly mist up despite setting heater controls to fresh air demist.


Sound deadening material on the left hand rear lower quarter trim casing restricting air flow through the rear extractor vent.


If the vehicle is within VIN range WA 601139 to WA 602005, confirm correct operation of the air recirculation flap. Technical Bulletin 0003 refers.


Having confirmed correct operation of the air recirculation flap, remove sound proofing material from the LH rear lower quarter trim casing as follows:

1. Remove the LH rear lower quarter casing, Workshop Manual Section 76.13.12 refers.

2. Referring to the illustration on page 2, identify the acoustic pad on the rear face of the casing.

3. Transfer the dimensions from the illustration to the acoustic pad.

4. With a sharp knife, cut through the pad on the marked lines.

5. Remove the area of pad which is shaded in the illustration. The pad material will peel easily from the casing if cleanly cut through.

6. Refit casing.

Parts Information

Not applicable


Use Complaint Code: 8N1S

Use S.R.O.: 76.13.89/31

Time allowance: 0.50 Hrs

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