Freelander - Steptronic Automatic Transmission

Advanced Steptronic Automatic Transmission

This innovative 5-speed Steptronic Automatic transmission provides Freelander with an important competitive edge. Freelander is the first vehicle in the small/medium 4x4 segment to feature this versatile transmission, developed from Formula 1 technology.

The V6 model is fitted with the 5-speed Steptronic Automatic gearbox. This is a conventional automatic gearbox with 5 distinct ratios.

The five gears provide a wide ratio spread which delivers benefits such as:

Different Driving Modes

It also includes driver selectable shift patterns

Normal mode operates as normal, hydraulically controlled automatic transmission.

Sport Mode operates the engine at a higher speed, delivering more response to driver controls and a sportier ride.

Self-selecting adaptations

As well as driver-selected shift patterns, 5-speed Steptronic Automatic also has automatically selected downhill recognition. Additional 'intelligent' features include automatic adaptation of the shift pattern in response to high coolant temperature, hill driving, trailer towing, high altitude, activation of cruise control, cold start and 'torque down' - reducing torque during gear changes for smoother acceleration.

New Steptronic gear selection

Steptronic gear selection enables drivers to operate the automatic transmission as if it was a 5-speed manual transmission with a clutchless, sequential gear change.

Steptronic can be activated from Sport mode when the lever is moved forward or backward.

Once steptronic mode is engaged, moving the lever forward shifts the transmission up a gear. Moving the lever backward shifts the transmission down a gear. In addition, if the engine speed exceeds 6000 rpm the transmission automatically shifts up a gear. The transmission shifts down a gear if the engine starts to labour.

Steptronic gives the driver the ability to control both the engine speed and the transmission ratio. To exit Steptronic mode, the driver moves the lever back to Normal mode.

The benefits

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