Freelander - 1.8 K-Series Engine

The 1.8 K-Series Engine

The K-Series engine was launched in 1989. It won the Queen's award for Technological Achievement soon after its introduction.

Since its launch the K-Series has been progressively developed, and new engine derivatives introduced. The 117Ps 1.8 engine is an ideal petrol power unit for the Freelander; refined, responsive, and with generous reserves of torque available from low engine rpm for good performance on and off-road.


Capacity 1796cc
No.of cylinders 4
Bore 80mm
Stroke 89.3mm
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Cylinder head material Aluminium
Cylinder block material Aluminium
Ignition MEMS3.0
Fuelling Multi-point fuel injection
Valves per cylinder 4
Valve actuation DOHC with hydraulic tappets
Maximum power

117Ps (86kW) at 5500 rpm

Maximum torque 165Nm at 2750 rpm

Through bolt design

The K-Series engine's great strength, durability and long term consistent performance and economy are the result of its innovative "through bolt" design. Whereas conventional designs secure the engine assembly with separate sets of fixings, the K-Series engine is connected together by a single set of long bolts which run through the engine from top to bottom. This gives it enormous strength to resist the stresses of combustion, which can otherwise eventually cause the cylinder bores to distort, reducing the engine's power and shortening its life.

Further sophistications

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