Freelander - 3 Door

Freelander 3 Door

The 3 door is overtly sporty, youthful and adventurous looking; it has a very striking image, with strong overtones of functionality and fun.

The hardback and softback designs, with a diagonal split line, are a clear differentiator from the 5 door. The diagonal post, which is part of the monoside, gives a balanced appearance for both hardback and softback versions.

The hardback and softback models are completely interchangeable on 3 door models. Both are available as dealer fit accessories, in effect offering customers two vehicles for the price of one.


The softback is available in three trim levels; all models use the frameless, dropping tail-door glass. A black fabric-based hood and frame folds forward onto the rear roof section, enhancing the open top feel and maximising luggage space. The two removable plastic side panels can be stowed in a pouch in the load area. The opening rear glass quarter lights enhance the open air feel.


The hardback is a strong alternative, particularly for winter months. The robust, hard roof and targa panels can be easily removed. All hardback models have dropping tail-door glass.

True Open Top

By removing the twin targa panels together with the centre bar, a true open top feel is created. Targa panels are injection moulded plastic on S models and tinted glass on GS and ES models. They have their own stowage bag. Alternatively, the hood can be removed completely.

Splash Cover

With either hardtop or softtop removed, there is the option of a Splash cover that can be fitted quickly should the weather turn wet.

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