Freelander - Poor Demisting Performance

Bulletin Number - 0003

Issue - 1

Date - 11.02.1998

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All vehicles with air conditioning within VIN range WA 601139 to WA 602005

Re-Issue Information

Problem -


Despite correct setting of heating and ventilation controls to fresh air demisting, the interior of the vehicle continues to mist up.


Incorrect recirculation flap servo motor fitted, preventing correct operation of flap.


Check the operation of the recirculation flap as follows:

1. Turn on the ignition.

2. Confirm that the recirculation switch is set to admit fresh air (indicator light off).

3. Observe the recirculation flap located in the passenger footwell. This should be covering the grill.

4. Operate the recirculation switch (indicator light on). The flap should move towards the bulkhead, uncovering the grill, and stay there until the switch is operated again.

5. If the flap does not respond as described, the servo motor is incorrect and should be replaced. Refer to Workshop Manual Section 80.10.18 for replacement procedure.

NOTE: When connecting the flap operating rod to the new servo, ensure that the retaining clip is securely fitted.

6. Confirm correct operation of the flap as described at 3 and 4 above.

Parts Information

JOD100000 Motor - Evaporator Servo


Use Complaint Code: 8N3Z

Use S.R.O.: 80.10.18

Time allowance: 0.10 Hrs

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