Freelander - Electrical Problems

Electrical Problems

Emergency Key Access Code (EKA) Incorrectly recorded

Engine Non-start due to ECU failure - Water ingress

Headlamps misting internally

Alarm involuntary operation - Sensor malfunction

Alarm Involuntary Operation - Volumetric sensor

Volumetric sensor deletion - Specification change

Intermittent operation of fuel gauge

Poor front screen wiper performance

Navigation system not fully operational

Cruise control not suspending under light brake pedal application

Poor Radio reception

Intermittent Electical Problems

The Satellite Navigation Unit shows the Message "GPS Module Error"

Electric Windows do not operate

The Radio/Clock Display Digits fail to display fully

Blank Navigation Screen and the Radio Head Unit will not turn on

High pitched squeal from the Auxillary Drive Belt

Reduced Alarm Handset Range

Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Or Cruise Control Switch Is Loose Or Detached



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