Freelander - 2.0 litre TD4 Diesel Engine

The 2.0 litre TD4 Diesel Engine

This class leading common rail diesel engine has already proved itself in 4x2 products. Now a version that has been customised for off-road performance is one of the standard engine choices available in the Freelander range. The common rail system offers easier driveability, excellent low-speed performance off-road and significantly more power than the previous diesel option. Manual or Steptronic Automatic transmission options are available.

The 2-litre TD4 diesel engine in the latest Freelander has been tuned to perform superbly both on and off-road. The power output is 13% greater than its predecessor. Acceleration at 0-60 mph in 13 seconds is a 12% improvement.


Capacity 1951cc
No.of cylinders 4 in-line
Bore 84mm
Stroke 88mm
Compression Ratio 18 : 1
Cylinder head material Aluminium
Cylinder block material Grey cast iron
Fuelling Common rail
Valves per cylinder 4
Valve actuation DOHC
Maximum power

112Ps (82kW) at 4200 rpm

Maximum torque 260Nm at 1750 rpm

A new breed of diesel - high power and torque

The 2.0 litre TD4 diesel engine fitted to the Freelander is exceptionally powerful, developing 112 PS at 4000 rpm. A major contributor to its outstanding performance and economy is the huge torque of 260Nm, fully available from just 1750 rpm.

The turbodiesel delivers superb fuel economy, and while the fuel budget goes miles further, the TD4 gives most undiesel-like performance; outrunning all its competitors with ease, with a high top speed and extraordinary vigorous acceleration - even in the 50-70 mph band that is important for overtaking. All this is accomplished with such refinement that at cruising speeds you, as well as your passengers could wonder whether they are sat in a diesel at all.

Common Rail Technology

The secret of the 2.0 litre TD4 diesel's performance and economy lies in its advanced common rail design linked to sophisticated drive-by-wire control.

At the heart of the engine's design is an inline engine management system so intelligent that it virtually thinks for the driver. Constantly monitoring and responding to a large number of sensors, it measures everything from road speed and intake air pressure and temperature to turbo boost pressure. It can even make fuelling corrections for altitude.

Press the accelerator and you communicate directly with the microprocessor. There is no mechanical link between the fuel injector pump and the accelerator pedal - this is "drive by wire" technology. So whereas hard acceleration with a conventional diesel might simply produce poorer fuel consumption, the Freelander system automatically controls the fuelling to give responsive performance; but more promptly, more smoothly , more economically - and more cleanly.

Variable Nozzle Turbocharger

The VNT system included with the TD4 ensures that additional power is available throughout the operating range of the engine. The system also minimises turbo lag for smooth performance.

Clean and efficient emissions control

The TD4 2-litre diesel has been designed to meet the tough standards set down by EU3 regulations.

Transverse mounting

One of the benefits of the TD4's short length is its ability to be mounted transversely. Other innovations include a two-port intake that uses a high swirl helical port and one tangential port in order to maximise the engines efficiency. Because of the engine's increased efficiency, an additional fuel burning heater is fitted as standard equipment (except 50C markets), ensuring that occupants will be kept warm virtually from the moment the engine starts in cold climates. (Note this only applies to MY01 models, MY02 use a different arrangement).

A choice of transmissions

The new diesel is available with a choice of 5-speed manual or 5-speed Steptronic Automatic transmissions.

The benefits

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