Freelander Braking System Problems

The Freelander has a dual circuit braking system with the addition of an ABS controller. The ABS is a multi circuit controller that has wheel speed sensors linked to a central control unit. This central control unit has the ability to modulate the pressure to each wheel to prevent wheels locking. The ABS system has been enhanced by Land Rover to include a Hill Decent Control (HDC). This system is engaged by a yellow switch on the gear leaver and can only be used in first or second gear. It then uses the ABS system to apply the brakes to the wheels to ensure the car doesn't accelerate too much when going down a steep decent. Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD) and Electronic Tranction Control (ETC) are also supplied by the ABS system and its controller.

Brake Specifications

Noise From Drivers Footwell On Engine Start - Brake Modulator

Squeal From Front Brakes

Front Brake Noise - Squeal


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