Bulletin Number - 0003

Issue - 1

Date - 11.11.1998

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All vehicles

Re-Issue Information -

Problem -


The customer complains that the vehicle pulls to one side under certain conditions.


Sensitivity to changes in road camber resulting in the vehicle drifting down the camber.


In the event of a customer complaint of the above nature, check and adjust the front wheel alignment to the optimum setting detailed below, using the Workshop Manual procedure. Repair number 57.65.01 refers. Preliminary checks, as described in the Workshop Manual and repeated here, MUST be completed prior to carrying out any adjustment:

1. Ensure tyre pressures are correct and vehicle is at kerbside weight, (unladen with full tank of fuel).

2. Roll vehicle backwards and forwards to relieve stresses in steering and suspension.

3. Ensure that equipment is properly calibrated.

NOTE: Only use equipment recommended by Land Rover

4. Set front wheel alignment total toe-out to:

Degrees minutes    - 0 10’
Decimal degrees    -  0.167

15 inch wheel   - 1.20mm

16 inch wheel   - 1.30mm

17 inch wheel   - 1.35mm

For full details of the wheel alignment specification to be used during routine checks, refer to Technical Bulletin Steering Section 0004

Parts Information

Not applicable


Use Complaint Code: 5E6A

Use S.R.O.: 57.65.01

Time allowance: 0.80Hrs

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