Freelander - 2.5 V6 Engine

The 2.5 V6 Engine

The award winning engine has been carefully adapted - and exhaustively tested for use in the demanding and tough multi-purpose 4x4 environment. The V6 takes Freelander to new levels of refinement, power and performance.

The new 2.5 litre V6 engine in the Freelander delivers more than enough power to impress even the most demanding drivers. Coupled with the 5-speed Steptronic Automatic transmission system, the result is an exceptionally smooth delivery of power and torque.


Capacity 2497cc
No.of cylinders 6 in a V configuration
Bore 80mm
Stroke 82.8 mm
Compression Ratio 10.5 : 1
Cylinder head material Aluminium
Cylinder block material Aluminium
Fuelling Sequential Fuel Injection
Valves per cylinder 4
Valve actuation DOHC on hydraulic tappets
Maximum power

177Ps (130kW) at 6250 rpm

Maximum torque 240Nm at 4000 rpm

High Performance

The V6 meets demand for a Freelander that delivers even greater power and performance than previous models. This proven, powerful engine develops 177 PS at 6250 rpm and accelerates from 0-60mph in a more than respectable 10 seconds.

This level of performance is an astonishing 66% more powerful than the original Freelander 1.8i, and it also enables the new flagship for the Freelander range to distance itself from the competition with ease.

As befits a leading performer, appealing to the status-conscious driver, the V6 will be badged in an unmistakable yet dignified manner.

V6 refinement

Part of the appeal of the V6 engine is its smooth, quiet delivery of effortless power. The engine feels relaxed and can't fail to impress on any test drive. The capabilities of Freelander are reinforced by the engine's relaxed, confident and assured performance.

Engineered for strength

The all aluminium construction of the V6 engine combines light weight with high power. The robust design easily handles the stresses that would be expected in a 4x4 environment.

Additional stiffening ribs have been built into the engine's block for extra strength. New five-layer steel head gaskets - completely rubber free, have been included for outstanding quality and reliability.

Performance is enhanced even further through the Variable Intake System (VIS) that continually adjusts itself to deliver optimum performance throughout the rev range in any conditions that Freelander is likely to meet.

A particularly useful feature is the combined Intake Manifold and plenum resonance. It provides excellent torque at low speeds.

Other performance-enhancing features include 1 split stream fuel injector and air assistance to improve idle stability and maximise fuel economy.

The benefits

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