Freelander By Land Rover

Bulletin Number - 0012

Issue - 3

Date - 11.07.2001

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All derivatives in VIN ranges: WA 600000 to YA 699999 & YA 500000 to YA 576763

Re-Issue Information - PARTS INFORMATION amended.
New part number for anti-roll bar link introduced.

Problem -


Reports of vehicle pulling to one side under certain road conditions.


Either of the following:


In the event of a customer complaint of the above on a vehicle produced prior to VIN 1A 576764, the vehicle must be road tested to assess the condition before any rectification is attempted.

Road test criteria: All vehicles will have a tendency to pull or change direction slightly under certain road camber conditions. When testing the vehicle, allowance for this must be made.

  • Prior to road test, ensure that all tyre pressures are correct.
  • If possible, test vehicle on both left and right cambered roads and note direction of pull. Any pull should be consistent with direction of camber.
  • If vehicle shows only a slight tendency to follow road cambers but follows a straight line on flat road surfaces, this must be considered normal.
  • Only if after road test, steering pull or response to camber change is considered abnormal or excessive, should rectification be undertaken.

Use the flow chart which follows as a diagnostic guide, making reference to the ‚Rectification Notes™ for details of the appropriate corrective action.



Rectification Notes

Checking anti-roll bar gap:

Action only on the opposite side to the direction of steering pull. With vehicle resting on its road wheels, undo the anti-roll bar link from front suspension strut. Completely remove the upper link securing nut but do not remove the link from strut. Ensuring wheels are in the straight ahead position, measure the amount that link has dropped in relation to its mounting face, (see illustration 1). If gap is greater than 10mm, fit modified (longer) anti-roll bar link RBM100261.


Image55.jpg (13408 bytes)

Fitting modified lower arm bush:

Remove both front suspension lower arms, Workshop Manual repair number 60.35.02 refers. Remove both front lower arm bushes and replace with modified parts RBX101790, (see illustration 2).

Image56.jpg (9216 bytes)

On re-assembly, ensure that the Workshop Manual final tightening sequence for the lower arm front and rear bush fixings is carried out as described, with the vehicle resting on its road wheels. Check/adjust front wheel alignment referring to Workshop Manual repair number 57.65.01. Set toe-out to minus 010' (see also Technical Bulletin Steering 0003 STEERING SENSITIVITY and note below.)


It is important that the following checks are carried out prior to alignment check:

  • Ensure tyre pressures are correct and vehicle is at kerbside weight, (unladen with full tank of fuel).
  • Roll and bounce the vehicle backward and forward to relieve stresses in steering and suspension.
  • Ensure that equipment is properly calibrated.

Obtaining additional help:

If having completed the diagnostic procedure, the condition is still unacceptable, contact should be made with the appropriate area, as detailed in the flow chart. The following information will be required;

  • Vehicle details including mileage.
  • Tyre size and brand name.
  • Front tyre wear patterns.

Parts Information

RBM100261 Link - anti-roll bar - 1 per vehicle

RBX101790 Bush - lower arm - 2 per vehicle


Use Complaint Code: 5E6A

Only one of the following S.R.Os may be claimed:

1. Swap front wheels from side to side

Use S.R.O.: 60.25.89/34

Time allowance: 0.50Hrs

2. Swap front wheels from side to side and swap front wheels with rears

Use S.R.O.: 60.25.89/35

Time allowance: 1.30Hrs

3. Swap front wheels from side to side

Check anti-roll bar gap

Replace both front lower arm bushes

Includes single link replacement if required

Includes front wheel alignment check/adjust

Use S.R.O.: 60.25.89/36

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