Bulletin Number - 0007

Issue - 2

Date - 05.09.2001

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - Freelander L Series Diesel XA651586 to YA699999 and YA500000 to YA524851

Re-Issue Information - Part details amended.

Problem -


L Series diesel - During cold to moderate ambient temperatures (5C to 20C) the customer may experience prolonged ‚in cab heater warm up times.

Loss of performance due to fueling ‚de-rate may also be experienced under high load/duty conditions with the temperature gauge reading normal.


The thermostat may have been manufactured away from specification, allowing a small amount of coolant to bypass the thermostat from the cold side of the system.


Where a customer complaint of the above is confirmed, replace the thermostat.

Refer to PARTS INFORMATION for thermostat application details.

Refer to Workshop Manual repair number 29.45.09 for repair procedure.

Freelander L Series only - Carefully remove the thermostat cover by using a gentle (twisting and pulling) action, if the inner core of the oil cooler is disturbed at this stage this would necessitate the fitment of a new oil cooler.

Parts Information

Thermostat PBM 100040K

O ring LUE 100110K

Thermostat cap PBQ 100010K

NOTE: Freelander L Series - Only replace the thermostat cap if damaged during removal.


Use Complaint Code: 2C4U

Use S.R.O.: 26.45.09

Time allowance: 1.00 Hrs

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