Freelander - Heater Blower Vibration

Bulletin Number - 0004

Issue - 1

Date - 11.03.1998

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All vehicles prior to VIN WA 604567

Re-Issue Information

Problem -


Vibration through steering wheel and control pedals when heater blower is turned on. In exceptional instances, vibration can be felt through vehicle floor.


Heater blower incorrectly balanced.


Replace heater blower assembly as follows:

Referring to illustrations, identify the motor end of the heater housing. View from the footwell pedal area for both RHD and LHD vehicles.


1. Separate electrical connector ‘A’ from the motor.

2. Unscrew the 3 cross-headed motor housing screws ‘B’.

3. Carefully separate the motor housing from the heater casing and extract blower assembly until clear.

Note: Take care not to disturb the demist duct from its connection on the housing.

4. Fit new blower assembly (see PARTS INFORMATION) in reverse order to above.

Parts Information

JGC 100260 - Motor assembly RHD

JGC 100270 - Motor assembly LHD


Use Complaint Code: 7S1W

Use S.R.O.: 80.20.15

Time allowance: 0.20 Hrs

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