Freelander By Land Rover

Bulletin Number - 0017

Issue - 1

Date - 07.02.2001

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All Td4 diesel derivatives in VIN ranges: 1A 576764 to 1A 599999 and 1A 300000 to 1A 310902

Re-Issue Information -

Problem -


When driving over rough surfaces, a metallic noise is heard in the region of the steering wheel / drivers airbag.


Vibration mass damper, mounted in the steering wheel, contacts fixing on underside of airbag.


Refer to the following procedure to remove material from mass damper and relieve foul condition.

1. Remove drivers airbag, Workshop Manual repair number 76.74.01 refers.

2. Referring to illustration 1, remove 3 screws securing damper to steering wheel and remove damper.


3. Referring to illustration 2, mark out the damper as shown, measuring 3mm either side of the right angle section.


4. Remove the shaded portion of material to produce a 45 chamfer.

When removing material from the damper, take care to prevent distortion of the damper mounting plate and damage to the rubber damper supports.

5. Refit the damper to the steering wheel and tighten the 3 screws to 6 Nm. When refitting the 3 screws securing the damper to the steering wheel, take care to engage the screw threads already formed in the steering wheel armature.

NOTE: Some vehicles may have velour tape applied to the damper at the location in question. This should be discarded when the damper is modified as above.

6. Refit the drivers airbag, repair number 76.74.01.

Parts Information

Not applicable


Use Complaint Code: 5D1K

Use S.R.O.: 76.74.01 Air bag - steering wheel - renew

Time allowance: 0.20Hrs

Use S.R.O.: 57.60.89/29 Mass damper - modify

Time allowance: 0.10Hrs

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