Bulletin Number - 0004

Issue - 1

Date - 08.03.2000

Model - Freelander 1.8

Affected Range - All vehicles with ‘K’ Series engine

Re-Issue Information

Problem -



Incorrect cooling system air bleed procedure.


To enable a complete air bleed, following any cooling system disturbance or coolant replacement, it is vital that the correct procedure is followed. Follow the Workshop Manual - Drain and Refill procedure, (repair number 26.10.01), with emphasis on the following items:


The following item (1) is additional and will be added to all Workshop Manual future issues.

1. Locate the inlet manifold bleed valve (arrowed in photo) and remove bleed hose from valve. Connect suitable tube to valve spout and blow through to ensure valve pin is not sticking. Discard tube and refit bleed hose when done. See ADDITIONAL NOTE

Image35.jpg (14136 bytes)

2. Ensure all hose connections are tight.

3. Prepare the recommended coolant to required concentration, see Workshop Manual - INFORMATION - FLUIDS section.

4. Remove bleed screw and sealing washer from coolant rail (arrowed in illustration).

Image36.jpg (17542 bytes)

5. Slacken bleed screw at heater hose by 2 complete turns.

6. Fill system slowly until a steady flow of coolant is emitted from the two bleed holes.

7. Refit bleed screw to coolant rail and tighten to 9 Nm, (ensure sealing washer is re-fitted). Tighten heater hose bleed screw carefully by hand.

Image37.jpg (8854 bytes)

8. Continue filling system until coolant level reaches ‘MAX’ mark on expansion tank.

9. Fit expansion tank filler cap.

10. Start and run engine until radiator cooling fan operates.

11. Switch off engine and allow to cool.

12. Check for leaks and top-up coolant to ‘MAX’ mark on expansion tank.

NOTE: It may be necessary to remove the filler cap to check the coolant level.


Inlet manifold bleed valve pins are prone to sticking to their seats, freeing this pin will allow air to bleed from the cylinder head during coolant fill.

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