Freelander - Security System

Security System : Major Features

Freelander's security system incorporates much of the 'best practice' learned from Range Rover and Discovery. It also introduces improved immobilisation and remobilisation to give further peace of mind.

Key features if the security system are:

Handset Remote Control

The radio frequency remote control is convenient, as it can be used from almost anywhere around the vehicle, up to a distance of 5 metres. It's also secure - protected from electronic signal grabbing devices by a rolling code which changes at random each time the remote control is used.

Low Battery Warning

If the remote control battery is running low, this is automatically sensed by Freelander's security system, and a warning beep sounds as the control is used. Replacement of the remote control battery is part of the main service schedule., as it is with Discovery and Range Rover.

Personal Security

Four main features contribute to personal security with Freelander:

The benefits:

Engine Immobilisation

Freelander's engine is automatically immobilised as soon as the key is removed from the ignition. The engine is remobilised as soon as the key is inserted and turned in the ignition.

Freelander's engine immobilisation system, which scrambles the engine management Electronic Control Unit, is the ultimate theft deterrent. Even if a thief breaks into the vehicle (setting off the alarm), it cannot be driven. It is impossible to hot wire the system, or to defeat it by attempting to reprogram it.

At the heart of this advanced technology is a coil on the steering lock which communicates with the key transponder as soon as the ignition is switched on. The key in turn talks to the Security Electronic Control Unit, which remobilises the engine by communicating with the Engine Management ECU.

A further advantage of passive engine immobilisation is that it is always automatically activated, even if the driver forgets to lock the doors and set the alarm.

The Alarm System

In addition to perimetric sensing, Freelander's alarm system incorporates sophisticated technology to ensure that the 3dr models can be well protected even with the hard top removed or the hood open.

Sensing By Microwave

The volumetric system used on Range Rover and Discovery is activated by changes in air movement within the vehicle - for example, if a window is smashed. Clearly, this would not be appropriate for the 3dr models, where owners may wish to leave the vehicle with the hood down, yet still have maximum security.

Freelander's alarm system therefore incorporates the proven 'Doppler' technology. This uses sensing by microwave to set up a field of coverage within the vehicle. The alarm is designed to go off if anyone reaches into the cabin - 3dr top open or closed - without disarming the system.

Once armed with the remote control, the microwave is activated after 15 seconds of no activity within the vehicle interior.

If the Freelander owner wishes not to use this field of coverage, bit still leave the doors, bonnet and boot protected, the key can be used to activate perimetric sensing only.

Key Locking and Arming

One turn of the key will single lock the vehicle, two turns will double lock. In both cases, only the perimetric alarm will be alarmed, for example, if the driver wishes to leave passengers or pets secure in the vehicle for a brief period.

Further Theft Deterrents

Many of these measures will deter thieves from attempting to steal something from inside a Freelander, quite apart from trying to steal the vehicle itself.

Further measures make their task still more difficult:

Visible VIN

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