Freelander - Poor Front Screen Demist Performance

Bulletin Number - 0013

Issue - 1

Date - 17.05.2000

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All vehicles in VIN ranges: WA 600000 to YA 699999 & YA 500000 to YA 506000

Re-Issue Information

Problem -


The customer complains that the heater does not effectively demist the front screen and may also report that there is a lack of airflow from the demist vents onto the screen.


Either or both heater to front screen demist ducts adrift from heater.


On customer complaint of poor front screen demisting, check the attachment points of the demist ducts to the heater as described below.

NOTE: If the complaint is of general misting in the cabin area, refer to earlier Technical Bulletins 0003 and 0005. Ensure also that the vehicle is checked for any evidence of water entry into footwells etc.

1. From the footwell area, examine the point where the left hand and right hand demist ducts attach to each side of the heater, (arrowed in illustration 1). If either or both are adrift from the heater, use the following procedure to ensure security of the duct when refitted.


Ensure that the ducts are not pulled downwards at any time during the repair procedure as this may result in the ducts being released from the seals in the facia rail. Should this happen it will be necessary to remove the facia to achieve correct reinstallation of the ducts.


2. Working from the footwell area, carefully move the duct away from the heater to enable additional latching clip JYC100920 to be positioned.

3. Identify the wider opening of clip JYC100920, (‘A’ in illustration 2). Fit the wider opening of the clip to the heater demist outlet at the 6 o’clock position, (‘B’ in illustration 2), so that the narrower opening of the clip is outside the circumference of the outlet in readiness to receive the demist duct, (‘C’ in illustration 2).

4. Push the clip fully home over the foam gasket on the demist outlet.

5. Reconnect the duct to the demist outlet ensuring that the duct locates fully into the narrower opening of JYC100920 and that the integral latching clip on the heater casing, (‘D’ in illustration 2) is outside the duct and latched to it.

6. Confirm that the duct is now clipped securely to the heater demist outlet.

7. If necessary, repeat for the opposite side.

Parts Information

JYC100920 Edge clip - 2 per vehicle


Use Complaint Code: 8N1B

Use SRO: 80.20.89/28

Time allowance 0.10Hrs (Time is sufficient to refit both demist ducts to heater


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